concept art for possible assassin droid for TOR (definetly not as cool as HK-47)

concept art from medical droid

Blaster-rifle desighn

Blaster design

Sith blaster riflels

design for the dashade. what can i say other than i think we might of found a race uglyer than gramorians.

 Ithorian design. (by the force why couldn't the sith do something good for the galaxy and blowup the these whinny race of flatworms)

wraid. some kind of ugly dog-like-thing

the senate. yha they really departed from the movies on this one. 

Post-war Courasont

 just a swamp, nothing special to see here, I would suggest to scroll dowm some more now.

Jedi council

Sith council

In case you weren't aware these two groups don't like each other.

jedi depart for typhon. (pussy's)

Random techy stuff

Republic speacial forces

Welcome to Hutt space

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